Our History

Identity Krisis also known as IDK is a rap influenced Alternative Rock band. The group of self taught musicians hail from Prince Georges County, MD, where soul and go-go ruled the music scene but IDK sought to follow the path less traveled to make the music that they enjoyed. With a fluid sound that never fit a particular genre, the band found it hard to label the music they were making. Thus Identity Krisis was born.

In 2013, the band released their first LP "Krismerica.' With headbanger anthems such as "Neighbors" and emotional ballads like "Fallout," the band picked up steam and began to take their talents to bars and venues around the DMV area and building a fan base of rap and rock fans alike. To date the 5 piece musical misfits have rocked everything from basement house shows to Penn Social's basement floor and the H Street Festival.

With a new LP upcoming, the band is looking to take stretch their fan base and show the world the power of music.